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Organizational transformation has two elements: change and transition. The change required to improve, replace, or reconfigure an organization’s structures, systems, and resources in response to customer demands and the frenetic pace of change in the external environment is situational and tends to happen quickly; e.g., functional “silos” are consolidated with new leadership, organization charts are reconfigured so the right people work together on the right tasks to get the job done, and managers are directed to achieve more aggressive goals with fewer human, financial, and material resources. The Institute’s portfolio of on-line and on-site organizational assessments gives leaders and managers the tools, methodologies, quantitative, and qualitative data they need to make informed, fact-based decisions before, during, and after an organizational transformation initiative (see list of assessments below):

The Breckenridge Institute’s portfolio of organizational assessment tools can be used to help for-profit, non-profit, or government organizations develop greater discipline, rigor, and perseverance in the areas of organizational alignment, organizational focus, and organizational trust.

The Institute’s portfolio of on-line individual assessments gives leaders and managers the tools, methodologies, quantitative, and qualitative data they need to more effectively navigate the transition element of organizational transformation. Our portfolio of organizational and individual assessments helps organizations manage both change and transition throughout the entire transformation process

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