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Research Areas

The Breckenridge Institute® is a management consulting firm that helps leaders and managers transform their organizations and the people in them. Sustainable results don’t come from the back of an envelope or band-aide solutions. Rather, managers need fact-based decision-making using scientific analytics and diagnosis (not just business experience and intuition) to improve their organization’s performance. The Breckenridge Institute’s portfolio of on-line assessments gives managers the tools, methodologies, and quantitative information they need to operate more effectively in the face of overly complex systems that frustrate and undermine their attempts to make positive change. The Center for Research and Development is committed to researching issues that are related to organizational transformation, organizational development, and increasing our understanding of how organizational structures, systems, and culture actually work. This includes:

  • Identifying objective measures of validity for measuring and improving organizational and individual performance (criterion validity) as a part of transforming organizations into high performers
  • Establishing quantitative correlations between organizational culture and performance, and organization’s budget allocations
  • Establishing quantitative correlations between organizational culture and performance, and an the level of squandered organizational energy, squandered psychological energy, and squandered time and energy in ineffective meetings
  • Identifying objective measures that demonstrate how the use of language shapes an organization’s culture and day-to-day reality and how language can either facilitate (or undermine) organizational transformation
  • Establishing quantitative correlations between organizational performance and individual performance as a way of measuring managers’ and staff members’ performance within the context of an organization’s structures, systems, and culture

For more information on how the Breckenridge Institute® can help your organization e-mail us at The Breckenridge Institute® is a member of the Association of Test Publishers (APT) and the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG). The Breckenridge Institute® is a GSA approved contractor, with a MOBIS Schedule 874 and GSA Advantage Number GS10F0232L. The Breckenridge Institute’s areas of expertise are classified under NAICS Code 541611 (Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services).


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