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Professional Resource Center Navigation Menu Organizational Culture and Human Performance Improvement Research Tools Individual Assessments Organizational Assessment Training Programs Organizational Assessments “Organizations are collective-cultural entities that are led, managed, and changed one person at a time.”
                  — Mark Bodnarczuk


Increasing customer expectations and decreasing resources require organizations to develop “short cuts” to more effectively navigate the sea of constant change, decision-making, and problem solving. While the most powerful learning comes from direct experience, most managers don’t directly experience the long-term consequences of their key decisions because they have a system-wide effect that spans multiple departments and may impact an organization’s day-to-day operations (positively or negatively) for years to come. The inability of most people to directly experience the long-term systemic consequences of their most important decisions is the primary reason why most people don’t learn from experience, especially when the consequences of a decision are separated from the cause by more than one-to-two years. The Breckenridge Institute’s portfolio of validated on-line assessments gives managers the tools, methodologies, and quantitative information they need to make informed decisions, and helps them transform their organizations and the people in them.

After decades of research on organizations, it has become common knowledge that 85% or more of the root causes of performance problems are in the structures, systems, and culture within which people work – put good people in bad systems you’ll get poor performance. So trying to improve the performance of people within a specific work-group without understanding the organizational context within which that work-group is embedded almost guarantees that change will not be sustainable, because individual managers and staff are less than 15% of the real problem.

Organizations are collective-cultural entities that are led, managed, and changed one person at a time, so the Breckenridge Institute® offers a wide variety of both organizational and individual assessments that work together to help managers improve their organization’s overall performance and become catalysts of organizational transformation. At an organizational level, the Institute’s assessments help managers increase the level of organizational alignment, organizational focus, and organizational trust. At the individual level, our assessments help managers and staff members evaluate their performance within the context of the organization’s structures, systems, and culture, which helps them achieve more sustainable results.

For more information on how the Breckenridge Institute® can help your organization e-mail us at The Breckenridge Institute® is a member of the Association of Test Publishers (APT) and the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG). The Breckenridge Institute® is a GSA approved contractor, with a MOBIS Schedule 874 and GSA Advantage Number GS10F0232L. The Breckenridge Institute’s areas of expertise are classified under NAICS Code 541611 (Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services).

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